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Swimming Pools and Spas - Maintenance / Cleaning

Let Greene Bros Spa and Pools take the struggle out of looking after your pool.


  • Keep your pool and spa clean and running smoothly with the professionals who know how!
  • Get a water test, quality report, check, clear pump and skimmer baskets, check pump seals and broom walls and vacuum for a fraction of the cost.
  • Enjoy a clean and healthy pool this winter when you need to warm up or train up.

Keeping your pool clean and balanced is not only time consuming, it can also be complicated.



Your Greene bros pool care specialist will give you an on-site report of what is needed to properly maintain your pool. You'll then receive a recommended maintenance plan - including regular testing, cleaning, brushing and vacuuming and water balancing - all backed by a written report.


Greene Bros pool and spas use and provide only the best products

You don't have to supply or store a thing. Because our pool care professionals bring all their own tools and use and provide only the best products - from chlorine to pH, and alkalinity increase and decrease - to keep your pool clean, looking good, and economical to run. When and if a problem occurs we have a team of qualified technician to diagnose any issue and tend to any maintenance required in consultation with you



If you have invested in a swimming pool or spa pool you need to make sure that you investment is well looked after. That is where Greene Bros pool and spas can help you. Greene Bros Pools and Spas offer a water testing services, just drop in and see us with a sample of your swimming pool or spa pool water.

Common maintenance work that Greene Bros Spa and Pools can undertake for you:

• Maintenance and Valet Service - Filtration equipment, pumps, automatic cleaners, heat pumps, ozone units and auto chlorinators.-

Many people make the mistake of only treating their pool with chemicals and forget about all the equipment hidden under the deck or in the filter shed. However all of this is keeping your pool running and should be checked and serviced regularly to avoid costly problems. greene bros can help you maintain your equipment for a more efficient, and cleaner pool. With regular routine maintenance, your pool will have clearer water, will be easier to clean, and all the equipment will work more efficiently and effectively.

Sand Change - Your filter is full of a special sand that helps to filter out bacteria and diirt from your pool. Overtime, this sand can become clogged and ineffective. If left for too long, your pool can become expensive to treat with chemicals as it is unable to filter correctly. Costly damage can also occur within the filter. Greene Bros recommends that Sand Changes should be done every three/four years for a healthy filter and crystal clear water.

WE TAKE THE HASSLE OUT OF OWNING A POOL. Contact us now and concentrate on enjoying your pool and we will handle the pool servicing.

In fact we have a complete range of products for your pools right down to the best in safety gate latches, locks, and pool fencing.


WE ARE YOUR ONE STOP SHOP. We sell and service a range of Pool and Spa Equipment, Domestic and Pool Filters and Pumps, Pump Repairs, Water Purification, Salt Chlorinators, Salt/Ozone Units, Spa Pool Maintenance, Spa and Pool Valet Service, Electric and Gas Heaters, Pool Accessories, Swimming Pool Covers and rollers, Spa Pool Covers and lifters, Solar Heating, Pool and Spa Chemicals, parts and more.


Basic swimming pool valet $75.00

Pool vacuum, basket clear and wash, backwash


Standard swimming pool valet $95.00

Pool vacuum, basket clear, back wash, chemical balance and application


Deluxe swimming pool valet $135.00

Pool walls srubbed , pool vacuum, back wash, chemical balance and application, report on on pumps motors and equipment


Spa pool Valet $75.00

This include filter swap and clean, pool chemical balance , vacuum , cover clean and treated.



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